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Ready, Set, Bake

Our Story

Years Ago, Ashton Snyder had an idea of cooking and using it to make art. He would bake for his own enjoyment and experiment with various flavors, letting his family and classmates become his taste testers.

Later, he attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University where he earned a B.A. in Culinary Arts. Afterward, he had several internships and worked several jobs and for several bosses who showed him what the stressors of the food industry could bring.

Facing many hardships in the culinary industry, Ashton remembered hearing a professor say, “Like what you do or get the ‘heck’ out.” However, he persevered and vowed never to become a bitter chef. Instead, he picked up a whisk, created a brand, and established Sugar Daddy’s Cakery in Dallas, Texas. 

Our Mission

Too many times in the past, we have experienced many bakeries not fully executing their customers’ requests. They provided subpar craftsmanship and flavor. In our shop, it’s become our mission to treat our customers with the utmost respect. We understand their “kneads” so we always deliver baked goods with gorgeous craftsmanship and packed with delicious flavors. 

What our customers are saying

“Being a pastry chef is like being a wizard. You take a customer’s dream and sculpt it out of cake. What’s not cool about that?”

- Ashton Snyder, Owner of Sugar Daddy’s Cakery

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