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Sweet-spirational Splendor!

The Bakers Forum


Aug. 20th, 2018

Well, week one was a success. I've been asked several questions asking, "how did you do it?" and several comments from others saying "there isn't any money in cooking/baking". What to say to that? Well HECK, go for it! I've always been a firm believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. Each day is a process and one step closer to your own success. Don't forget, I started this business from a ONE OVEN HOME. Crazy, I know... As my growth (both business/personal) continues I always have one thing in mind; that is to always translate the customers vision into an art form. And to always remember to remain true to my work, push a little harder and try something new. These are all key INGREDIENTS to propelling yourself forward.

Stay sweet my friends